Annual Scholarship Journal & Dinner
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Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that Bruce Dan, along with the Dan family, will be honored at the upcoming 13th annual dinner of Derech HaTorah (DHR) on Sunday evening, May 7, 2017. DHR is the fastest growing full day Jewish elementary school in Upstate New York.

As all of Bruce's friends, associates and acquaintances know, there is one constant in Bruce's life: striving for excellence. Whether it's Izzo, Devara, Premier, or Briggs, Bruce has dedicated his career to creating, acquiring, or leading entities that promote excellence. Outside the world of business, Bruce has applied his experience and passion to Jewish education in Rochester, NY. Over the past 13 years, Derech HaTorah has been the focal point and beneficiary of Bruce's advice and philanthropic commitment.

Bruce had the long-term vision to see what impact DHR would not only have on his children's and grandchildren's lives, but on all future students of DHR and upon the entire city of Rochester. As a result, Bruce became one of the original founders of DHR and has since been a pillar of the school. Not only has Bruce become a leader of DHR financially, Bruce is one of DHR's greatest advocates when it comes to getting the word out about our nationally known, unique elementary school. Under the expert guiding hand of its principal, Lea Goldstein, DHR has become a beacon for other communities across the country. In fact, DHR has been named a flagship model school, where principals of other elementary schools visit DHR to observe how a top notch school operates.

DHR's commitment to exceed expectations has attracted many families to Rochester. In fact, under the marketing leadership of Jake Dan, Bruce's eldest child, a remarkable 17 families have made the decision to relocate to Rochester in the last two years alone. The one constant in Jake's recruitment efforts was bringing these prospective families in for a tour of DHR. Typically, these out of town families were invited to spend the weekend as guests in Jake's and Adina's home. The warm community welcome along with a quality DHR tour experience typically resulted in the decision to move to Rochester.  Since opening 13 years ago with an enrollment of 31 students, DHR has blossomed to an established institution with 113 students. Although, we are very excited about our growth and fully expect it to continue, this type of success requires an even greater level of human and financial commitment.  Although Bruce and the entire Dan family remain committed to the future success of DHR, we are hopeful that this distinctive event will inspire Bruce's friends to help support our school's growing needs.

Joining Bruce in this honor will be his esteemed parents, Merwyn and Dolly Dan. All who know them understand the famous saying: "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". It is clear that Bruce was instilled from a young age with a work ethic and desire for excellence from his parents. Merwyn and Dolly have continuously donated generously to our school's annual scholarship dinner, special projects and ongoing building campaign. They are honorary school grandparents and actual DHR great-grandparents!

Jake and Adina Dan are outspoken, tireless advocates for our school and community. Additionally, DHR students have benefitted for years from the personal care and attention that Adina has given each one of them as one of DHR's most creative teachers.

Bruce's daughter Chava, and her husband Ben Bashary, have also followed in the path of the Dan family. Although just starting out as a young couple, they joined right in with the family's legendary generosity. When word got out that DHR was in need of new basketball backboards, they immediately ordered new high quality backboards and hoops. New lunch tables were required for the ever growing student body - so right before school started, the new tables were delivered to DHR, compliments of Ben & Chava! They didn't wait to be asked, they simply saw a need and purchased them for DHR! As proud members of the Dan family, they are always eager to help make sure things are complete and beautiful.

Wendy Freida, a multi-talented supporter of DHR, has eagerly put her gifts to use on behalf of our school. Whether it's promoting DHR at golf tournaments, using her artistic and creative skills to beautify our new building or encouraging others to support the school, Wendy is a valued member of the "DHR family".

Finally, how could we honor the Dan family without recognizing Abby?!  Abby is known in Rochester as "Momma Dan" and "Bubby (Grandma) Dan" and is a beloved maternal figure to our community's children. As DHR's founding secretary, and one of our school's founders and most dedicated volunteers, Abby is probably our school's most devoted fan!

DHR exercises great fiscal discipline and spends about half as much per student as public schools, despite having smaller class sizes and offering a dual Judaic / general studies curriculum. Even with this fiscal restraint, DHR struggles to avoid significant deficits due to the large number of unfunded, need-based scholarships that our school awards each year. No child is turned away as a result of financial circumstances. If DHR was able to collect full tuition from each family, no fundraising would be necessary. Because this is impossible, communal support is an absolute necessity to ensure our school's existence.

Our annual scholarship dinner and journal represent our largest annual fundraising effort and we ask for your generous support in helping to ensure the success of this event. Please consider placing an ad in honor of Bruce and the Dan family. You will be perpetuating the greatest asset in the Rochester Jewish Community and, at the same time, recognizing the remarkable work that Bruce and his family have done to build and sustain this pillar of elementary education.

We thank you for your support and hope to personally greet you at the dinner.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Daniel Goldstein
Executive Director

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